Adaptive Facade Mock-up Update: Initial Deployment

Development of the v2 facade mock-up has reached I point at which it can finally be deployed!  I will be deploying it for approximately 6 hours today on the South porch here at Crown Hall to see how all of the applications and components handle extended use, and capture a working set of data to improve upcoming versions.  I’ll be shooting for a 2pm start time in order to capture data as the sun sets at 6:59pm central time.

I expect that the Nano-muscle (a.k.a. Flexinol Shape Memory Alloy Actuators) to build up a lot of heat as they work to keep the vents and fritted panes moving in the sunlight.  In the past, I’ve experienced problems with the Nano-muscles getting too hot and essentially destroying themselves.  I’ve lowered the pulse width modulation signal going to them and installed heat sinks to compensate, but they still get pretty hot.

v2 ready to be closed up

The live data feed is public.  Please feel free to take a look.

Data taken from the sensors on the Arduino Mega 2650 , then fed to using the Processing app/Pachube library.

Processing, Arduino, and PGAdmin (showing PostgreSQL database tables with recorded information)