“Smart Paint” Conductive Material

Bare Conductive is working on a new “smart paint” that is skin safe.  This type of conductive paint material is not new, but being non-toxic is.

My understanding of the typical conductive paint’s make up is that it contains graphite to carry current through paths laid down with brush, maker,etc.  It can be used to pick up an individuals elctro-magnetic field, which can be converted to low-voltage signals and then received by a development board like Arduino.  I’ve seen this material in action at the SmartGeometry 2012 Conference Micro Synergies Cluster display, and can attest to it’s performance.

Bare Conductive claims that their Smart Paint can be used to track 3D proximity and occupancy of a space by applying it to the wall surfaces.  I imagine that it requires a panel matrix and a triangulation function to do this.  Anybody else care to weigh in on the potential programming/placement for this application?

SG2012 Micro Synergies Module uses smart paint to pick-up your electro-magnetic field. The Arduino processes the resultant signal, and sends a response to the Flexinol Shape Memory Alloy causing the “pedals” to contract.