Recently developed iOS applications

To date, I have created two applications to run on iOS6.  The first was for an assignment, and is a relatively simple calculator app.  The second is the basis for the end-user control and feedback applications that I mention in my research on Intelligent and Adaptive Building Systems.

The Mulit-Calculator app was my first iOS app.  It behaves like any other simple calculator, but has a toggle switch that can put it into “accounting” mode where a previous result can be calculated into the next mathematical operation.  Any negative results in this mode appear in red text.  The app can also me switched to the “tip” function where the tip for a bill of a user determined amount can be calculated by altering the percentage that the tip will be of the original amount with a slider.

The Room Report app is a decidedly more complicated iOS application.  Rooms are created by the user, then Room Reports consisting of the user’s perceived room qualities are created and sorted by date.  The application interface, and front-end functionality are relatively simple.  However, beneath it all is a persistent SQLite store and Core Data Model.  This data storage framework will be the framework for future applications that I will be developing for the purpose of building control and feedback.

Core Data Model Diagram showing aBi-Directional To-Many relationship from rooms to reports.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.21.21 AM