Adaptive Facade Mock-up v2

This mock-up represents efforts to diversify the sensing and actuating capabilities of the Arduino FIO, and it’s integration into an Agent Based system consisting of an Agent Computing Mechanism (ACM) and Database.  It has two separate photocell arrays.  The first collects information on the amount of light inside of the mock-up environment, the second is used to track to position of the sun relative to the facade itself.  A SHT15 temperature/humidity sensor is also used to collect data on the mock-up’s environment.  Two sets of NanoMuscles control ventilation dampeners and the dynamic frit panes.  The data collected by the senosors is computed by the Arduino, and passed along to the ACM, and then to the DB for long and short-term storage.  Although the mock-up can manage itself autonomously, it can also receive more advanced instructions from the ACM.

Grasshopper model showing adaptive functionality


2 thoughts on “Adaptive Facade Mock-up v2

  1. Update: There have been some issues with the SMA NanoMuscles overheating, and “tearing themselves apart.” I’m now looking at a redesign that would employ a linear solenoid to perform the actuation of panes and vents. However, the problem of overheating may also persist with these since they can only be persistently used for approximately 20 seconds. These actuators could potentially need to be left in a single position for hours. Any suggestions on appropriate substitutions, or methods of deployment would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I’m interested in learning more about the UW-Milwaukee program that has been linking to this page. If you are associated with a course at UWM, please leave a comment about the course and your interest in this project.

    Much thanks!

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