Update: v2 Facade Mock-up

Although the Nano-muscles are not physically functioning, the commands are being sent in response to light and atmospheric conditions.  However, the actuator adaptations are not affecting the interior conditions in any way.  I also cleaned up the asynchronous communication between Arduino and Processing, which had not really been asynchronous at all, needing two serial ports to function.  This was buggy at best, and I finally sat down and got the code right.

The data stream can be seen on (now inactive) cosm.com, and I will keep it running until I need the Arduino/components for the next version.  This means that active development on v2 has stopped indefinitely.

Given the compact size of this prototype it makes more sense to get working on a 3rd version, rather than trying to retrofit v2 with a more suitable actuator.

v3 will be of a larger scale, contain more sophisticated adaptive mechanisms, and have more complex behaviors (including some fuzzy logic and learning algorithms).  I’ve sourced some small solenoids and stepper motors, and will be experimenting with them prior to moving ahead with v3.


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