Bjarke Ingels: 3 warp-speed architecture tales

Why do we pigeonhole our ideas?  Architects, and the schools that train them, should condition themselves to be alright with feeling uncomfortable in order to “work outside of the box”.

Gå Danmark!


Revolution in Art & Design using 3D Printing

Prof. Neri Oxman, director of the MIT MediaLab group Mediated Matter discusses her work with multi-material 3D printing and how it can democratize design and help make fabrication more sustainable by making them more additive processes as apposed to subtractive.

Google Blockly as a tool for teaching kids to code

I remember using this interface when it was Google App Inventor a couple of years ago. It’s fairly intuitive, and with enough patience I can see…let’s say a tween getting it. These things still require an understanding of computer logic and how it works. I’m not saying that a younger child couldn’t do it, just that it will take some smart coaching.

I wouldn’t expect too see many projects coming from the grade school block, or any where else for that matter. These graphical scripting programs always seem to have certain limitations, which I think is to be expected when you remove the text aspect from scripting.  Still though, I’m going to have to see what my 10 y.o. can do with it this summer. article on Google Blockly.

Google Blockly Project Website

Google Blockly lets you build applications like the one on the left using graphical objects like those on the right.